Sunday, April 17, 2011

PrayerTimes v1.0

PrayerTimes v1.0

Never miss a prayer with the Prayer Times application which provides you: Prayer times and Qibla direction for 1000 cities, 200 countries, along with the ability to add, remove, update and edit any location via GPS to identify accurate praying times and the direction to Mecca (Qibla direction). You also can read narrated alerts before prayers, and listen to Azan, readable audio supplication and Hadith after the Azan. More than that, you can download more Azan files.

Your prayer will be always on time by providing you with prayer times, Qibla direction and also the nearest mosques from you.

1- Prayer times based on your city
2- Show Qibla Direction in an easy way
3- Using GPS, your current location is automatically detected to show current Prayer times and Qibla direction
4- Provide you with the nearest mosques from you using GPS
Features in details:
1. Present prayer times for different countries and cities all over the world, wherever you are, just select the country and city from application settings, then immediately the application will display the prayer times for the pre-selected location
2. Show the nearest masajed locations from you , provide you with masjid name, its location comparing to your location on the map
3. Determine Qibla direction using mobile internal compass and GPS
4. Provide you with optional alert for the daily five prayers, if you dont like to hear azan for such a prayer, you can do it by only one alveolus
5. Display the Day, Hijri date and remaining time till next prayer, and also you can navigate between other days and dates
6. Various Azan sounds with the ability to download more
7. Allow to advance alarm times for prayers
9. Cover all calculation methods for all prayers
10. Cover Hanafi doctrine and other doctrines in calculating Asr prayer time
11. Allow to select the map type (map, satellite…)
12. Permit Hijri date correction
13. You can update the cities of any country, by downloading more cities
14. Allow you to set the vibration alert
16. Save the last screen position


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