Wednesday, April 27, 2011

English Grammar in use_ 3rd Ed

English Grammar in use_ 3rd Ed

'The first major improvement is that there are many more exercises ... more of the exercises require the student to think and make a choice. Whole new sections have been added such as the one on verbs ... ... the new editions use a second colour to highlight important information. This means that not only are the new editions more pleasing to the eye, but it is also easier to find your way around.' Standpoints, 1994

'Considering the clarity and simplicity of explanation, easy-to-use design and the triple system of finding 'your' grammar point you will soon start wondering how you could survive without the 'blue-cover Murphy' for so long.' ATECR Newsletter

'Never heard of Murphy? Well, then it is high time you rush to the nearest book shop and buy it. It is still the best grammar book and has been so for the last 12 years.' ETAS, Switzerland, 1997 'I am sure Raymond Murphy's English Grammar in Use (EGIU) is never out of your reach. It's a gem.' EA Journal

'Improved layout, an added study guide, and an additional exercise section. I ask all my students to buy this grammar, even beginners because with my help they can benefit from the clear explanations already at an early stage and it saves me a lot of blackboard writing.' ETAS Newsletter, 1995

'English Grammar in Use is an excellent workbook and a good guide to understanding grammar and the four macro skills for use in groups and in individaul practice work.' VATME Newsletter, 1995 --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

English Grammar in Use Third Edition is a fully updated version of the classic grammar title. It retains the key features of clarity and accessibility which have made the book so popular. This third edition: - has 10 completely new units, including 9 new units on phrasal verbs to more thoroughly cover this important area for intermediate students. - has even more Additional Exercises, to offer more contrastive practice. - is in full colour and has a slightly larger format to look clearer and more inviting for students. The with answers version of the book is packaged with the CD ROM. This exciting and substantial new CD ROM: - has a diagnostic test to help students identify areas to practise. - has extra exercises for all the units in the book. - allows users to make their own tests from a bank of contrastive exercises. - has recordings of all the main exercises so users can practise their pronunciation. - includes a link to Cambridge Dictionaries Online so students can look up any words they need.


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