Friday, April 15, 2011

Muslim Heritage in Our World

1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World
(2nd Edition) Format: djvu | Date: 2011-02-08

This product is easily accessible and exciting to use, even for students with limited knowledge of Islam or history. A golden age of civilization (600-1600 CE) will unfold itself throughout the book, revealing how innovative medieval Muslims were in fields as diverse as medicine and mechanics, cartography and chemistry, education and engineering, architecture and astronomy. It also provides insight to pioneers who have helped create our new world. The project aims to rebuff unhealthy opinions and establish the true value of the scientific and technological advances made by Muslims. The end result is a truly inspiring project that encourages students to dream, discover, and reach for further heights of education and advancement.

* Well-researched project led by top academics from both Muslim and non-Muslim cultures
* Historic evidence for published inventions and innovations thoroughly checked
* Productive project which enriches student knowledge of various subjects and energizes scholarly debate
* Project has no racially or politically motivated opinions to undermine and obscure the contribution of Muslim civilization
* Instead, it aims to uncover the truth and provide accurate historical insight


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