Thursday, April 21, 2011

Polish Folk Embroidery

Polish Folk Embroidery
1997 | Turska Jadwiga | Warszawa: REA | English | ISBN: 8371410050 | Pages 342 | PDF | 295.11Mb

Jadwiga Turska s album presents all the basic types and forms of old and contemporary embroidery from some thirty larger or smaller areas. Its range does not accord uniform treatment to every region of Poland. There are areas where the traditional folk costume has completely vanished and therefore we have no information on the kind of ornaments that were used there. There are also areas where such ornaments possess no specific features. Hence the various „ white spots " on the map of Poland. However, this does not mean that the book is not complete, because the gaps in it are not the fault of the author, but the result of the lack of appropriate sources.
The album shows the full variety and beauty of Polish embroideries. We must thank the author for making them available to the general public in such a splendid format. (Professor Barbara Bazielich)


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