Monday, May 9, 2011

Portable Paint Shop Pro Photo Ultimate X2 v12

Portable Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Ultimate X2 v12.50
Size: 287 MB

Corel Paint Shop Pro is a powerful graphics editor. According to its numerous features are quite similar to the well-known adobe Photoshop, but easier to use. Version X2 Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo remained at altitude in terms of performance and features, though. Editor of digital images will satisfy the needs of most photographers and Designers.
Express Lab:
This fundamentally new, super fast photo fixing mode, Amazing! You will save a lot of time, because now you can edit dozens of photos in a short vremya.Podumat just how easy it would be cropping, rotating, removing red eye,
and straightening, without waiting for each individual photo.

Graphite Workspace:
Only Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 includes new features as soon as you start the program, you will see a new graphite workspace theme. This dark theme really makes photos vydelyayuschemisya! And for people who would not want to change anything, you can switch to
classic interface with just a few mouse clicks.

HDR Photo Merge:
With NEW HDR Photo Merge, you can easily create photos that give you the full detail of shadows and lighting in your photos. HDR Photo Merge allows you to combine two or more photos taken with different exposures, then automatically Dodge unite them.

Layer Styles:
You can easily add shadows, embossing, outer and inner radiance, the slopes and even reflections to tekstu.Vidimye znaki.Bud water you are Professional photographer or not, who wants to share their photos online, its a good idea to add a discrete Watermark that reminds those who created these masterpieces.

Picture Tubes and Picture Frames:
Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 includes over 30 brand new, Professionally Designed Picture Tubes and 30 new Picture Frames! Plus there is a unique set of brand new, never you never seen before Picture Tubes and Picture Frames just for vas.Cherno and white film conversion, this feature allows you to make dynamic black and white photos by simulating the effect of fire and black
white film with colored filtrami.Teper you can choose from a virtually infinite range of color combinations, it gives you full creative control. Plus you can adjust brightness and apply clarified by further strengthening the black and white effect.

Makeover Tools:
Paint Shop Pro Photos Makeover tools give you a set of Professional retouching tools that are easy to use. This year we added two new features to your toolbox: New Thinify, which makes the people in your photos looking thinner one nazhatiem.Krome addition, changes were also made to the Blemish Remover and the tan brush.

New Image:
For those who scan a lot of images, especially multiple images at the same time, Image will save you time!


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