Monday, May 30, 2011

Punctuation Made Easy

Punctuation Made Easy
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in a fun game-show format, Punctuation Made Easy will familiarize your students with the importance of punctuation - how it works like a code that tells a reader how to read the words on a page.
Students will develop strategies for using punctuation effectively to clarify the meaning of their writing. Intelligent software assesses each student's abilities and then presents tutorial lessons for those topics where special attention is needed.
The program also includes a special teacher's section where each student's progress report can be viewed. Working independently with Punctuation Made Easy, your students will master punctuation, a key building block for writing and communicating effectively!


* Contractions
* Possession
* Plural Nouns
* Possessive Pronouns
* Brackets, Hyphens, Dashes
* Capital Letters & Full Stops:
* Ending a Sentence
* Abbreviations
* Beginning Sentences
* Proper Nouns

* Lists with Full Stops
* Apposition
* Question Marks & Exclamation Marks:
* Question Words
* Direct Questions
* Indirect Questions
* Short Expressions
* Semicolons & Colons:
* Separating Clauses
* Semicolons in Lists
* Introducing Lists

Speech Marks:
* Direct Speech
* Inside Punctuation
* Dialogue

* Diagnostic testing Intelligent software identifies strengths & weaknesses
* Comprehensive & individualized progress charts
* Easy-to-understand explanations Instant feedback in exercises
* Teacher's Section with detailed student records


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