Friday, October 15, 2010

MS Windows Xp Seven Royale SP3

Microsoft Windows Xp Seven Royale SP3 Updated 12.10.2010 | 658 MB

Installed (Setup): Version install additional drivers are integrated SATA RAID and SCSI. Compatible with the computer hardware supports SATA, RAID and SCSI.

Platform: Windows XP sevice pack 3 x86 (32 bit).
SATA Support: Yes.
RAID Support: Yes.
SCSI support: Yes.
Drivers themselves: Yes - SkyDriver v9.9.
Internet Explorer 8: Yes
Windows Media Player 11: Yes
Hotfixes: Yes (updated to 12/10/2010)
Online Update: Okay.
CD Key: Already available add.
File Photo: File ISO standard.
File Download: WinRAR.


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