Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Qur'an: Decoding the secrets of the past

The Koran, or Qur'an, is one of the most influential religious books of all time. Muslims worldwide believe the Koran is God's guidance, a sourcebook to help believers follow the right path. But much of the non-Muslim world sees the Koran as a text shrouded in mystery...and controversy. We'll attempt to demystify and explain the text: where it came from, what it says, and what it means. Like any holy scripture, the Koran can't be separated from its historical context. We'll examine the history of the verses and also their implications for modern times, as well as the striking similarities and differences between the Koran and the Bible - and the ways in which Muslims believe the Koran corrects some of the Jewish and Christian scriptures. The program will get at the heart of one of the world's holiest books, capturing its majesty and mystery and illuminating for the audience the very foundation of Islam.


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