Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diet Power 4.0

DietPower turns your computer into a "personal trainer" that helps you lose weight, get in shape, and feel great again.
The program learns your metabolic rate and helps you to reach your fitness goal by a target date you specify. It monitors a balance from a total of 33 different nutrients, analyzes recipes, tracks the calories burned in exercise, and shows you the nutrients contained in 11,000 foods.
DietPower allows you to set goals, record the foods you eat, logs your workouts and helps you stay within your daily allocated calorie total. DietPower also includes a handy calendar, a diary, exercise and food dictionaries, printing and graphing capabilities, and a Travel Disk function.

Other features include:

* Monitor your carbs, fat, cholesterol, or 30 other nutrients on the fly.
* Chart up to 6 body measures of your own choosing.
* Automatically adjust your water budget to exercise temperature.
* Become a smarter eater by watching your Nutrition Quotient, a single number reflecting your dietary balance.
* Try some of the 101 delicacies that have been added to the Recipe Box.
* Choose a constant calorie budget or one that adapts to your metabolism.
* Record meals in either metric or English measure.
* Earn extra calories from 1000 kinds of exercise.
* Plan balanced menus by logging on future dates.
* E-mail your recipes to friends.
* Automatically adjust your calorie budget to sodium intake.
* Record your running, cycling, or swimming times to the nearest second.


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