Sunday, December 13, 2009

Philip's Atlas of the Universe

Universe eBook | PDF | 316 pages | 52.5 MB |
British astronomy popularizer Moore has added yet another volume to his amazingly prolific output, this time a new edition
of a reference work first published in 1970 and last completely revised in 1988. At that time, Moore wrote that a full revision would be necessary "before 2000," and the time has now arrived.

With such developments as great new telescopes, Mars landings, the space shuttle, Voyager 2 flybys, and missions to Halley's Comet, so much has happened in astronomy in the last decade that this new edition (published last year in Britain as Philip's Atlas of the Universe) is as welcome as it is timely. Like its predecessors, the new edition follows the pattern of a general historical overview, followed by individual sections on the solar system, the sun, the stars, the structure of the universe and our galaxy's place in it, and over 20 useful star maps, all incorporating the newest scientific data. Recommended especially for public libraries and academic libraries collecting undergraduate-level astronomical materials, although those having any of the earlier editions will appreciate the usefulness of this new work.?


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