Sunday, December 27, 2009

Egypt's Golden Empire

This plane has only one passenger. He is 3,500 years old. He was one of the most powerful kings of the ancient world. His dynasty ruled the greatest empire on earth. Today some see him as a genius: the first king in history to believe in a single god. For others, he was a madman and a heretic. He is the Pharaoh Akenhaten. This is the story of Akenhaten and his family. His father, Amenhotep, was the richest ruler in the world. His son Tutankhamen was buried with the greatest treasure ever discovered. Akenhaten himself had embarked on a revolution that brought the Egyptian Empire to the brink of disaster - and changed the world forever.

Egypt's golden empire (part 1) : The warrior Pharaohs

Download The warrior Pharaohs - iPod/PSP

Egypt's golden empire (part 2) : Paraohs of the sun

Download Paraohs of the sun - iPod/PSP

Egypt's golden empire (part 3) : the last pharaoh

Download the last pharaoh - iPod/PSP


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