Monday, December 19, 2011

Samsung Kies 2.0

Samsung Kies 2.0

The mobile phone world is currently dominated by one of the fiercest battles we’ve ever seen: Android devices challenge the iPhone and its iOS and vice-versa, a dispute that can only be good for customers. If you’re an Android user and a Samsung client, you sure know how important it is to manage your device using a computer application. Not to mention the need for backups and restores every time something goes wrong.

Samsung has developed the so-called Kies application, a downloadable tool that lets its clients connect the mobile phones to their computers and thus take full advantage of them by copying videos, photos and music and backing up important data and contacts.

Installing Samsung Kies takes a while, but only because it comes with the drivers you’ll need to successfully connect the device to the computer. There are two options to do that, via a USB cable or using Wi-Fi, if your phone has such a feature. During our test, we decided to give the second option a spin because it’s easier to work without cables and stuff.

We don’t want to be mean and say that Samsung Kies reminds us of iTunes, but Samsung Kies reminds us of iTunes. There are similar features, obviously with a different interface, but we’re sure there’s nothing wrong with it, an Android device is very advanced so having all these goodies is a must.

We had absolutely no problem connecting the device to the computer, and everything worked like a breeze the whole time. There’s also a tiny settings menu, but nothing too complicated to be mentioned here.

Overall, if you are a Samsung client you definitely have to use Samsung Kies. It’s freeware and it’s so powerful that you will definitely fall in love with it.


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