Monday, November 28, 2011

Ubuntu Go! 11.01

Ubuntu Go! 11.01 [Corrected] (2011) | 2.27 Gb

Assembling the distribution Ubuntu, called Ubuntu Go! 11.01. In Ubuntu Go! everything is already set, do not do anything!

What's new in the revised version:
Instead of OpenOffice installed LibreOffice 3.3.0 final release
Removed panel Cairo-Dock, now the default is plain panel. Cairo-Dock is available for installation from the Go! Apps
Added the latest drivers for wireless devices. Problems with wifi on some maps should be gone.
Added new driver for the video card - ATI Catalyst 11.1.
Remove video player Totem, instead installed SMPlayer.
Torrent client Transmission replaced Deluge
Added utility that helps you fix the boot screen after installing the drivers from ATI and nVidia.
LiveCD runs on 6/2/1937 nucleus.

Fixed all minor bugs

Added the following packages:
additional-shortcuts (adds two very useful shortcut in the menu)
cairo-dock-compatibility (compatibility package for Skype and Googleearth)
gnochm (package with Cyrillic support in the chm-file)
gnome-settings-daemon (LED keyboard without the keyboard icon)
unzip (package with Cyrillic support in ZIP-archives)
d4x_maverick (rocking chair - not in the repository)

Features of Release:
- The assembly includes all the latest updates of Ubuntu on 29 January 2011
- Installed the kernel 6.2.1937-enabled Physical Address Extension (PAE), the kernel patched "200 Interline patch" that increases the responsiveness of the system.
- Building has now become a multilingual, English and Russian languages ??are installed completely.
- Set a default theme Orta and the package of icons Faenza. Added a dark theme Atolm.
- Replaced the wallpaper.
- Added Appendix Ubuntu Go! Apps, which will help you install the necessary software and drivers without Internet access.
- Ubuntu Go! Apps includes the following drivers for video card: Ati Catalyst 10.10 (with full support vSync), Ati Catalyst 10.12, Nvidia linux display driver 260.19.29, all the drivers patched for the new kernel
- Added Appendix Ubuntu Tweak
- Module installed Adobe Flash.
- Installed the package ubuntu-restricted-extras which contains the codecs, flash, java, fonts windows.
- Added package Madwimax, to work with wimax modems.

Ext. Information:
- The disc contains a local repository.
- Supported the installation of flash drives. Added program UNetbootin v.494 which will help you make a bootable USB flash drive.
- Reviewed the original installer ubuntu.

Year: 2011
Version: 11.01
OS: x86
Language: English, Russina
License: Free
Size: 2.27 Gb


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