Saturday, July 3, 2010

Google Android OS 0.3 Live-CD

Google Android OS 0.3 Live-CD | 172.46 MB
The project LiveAndroid prepared a special demo LiveCD, allowing evaluation of the main features of the mobile platform Android on a standard PC with a processor based on the x86 architecture or in a virtual environment, similar to vmware or virtualbox. As a basis in the project used the results of attempts to port Android to the environment subnoutbuk Asus Eee PC.

In the second version adds support for LiveCD automatically obtain an IP address via DHCP, in the first issue for the network settings needed to configure the network interface manually from the command line. In future versions we plan to work sleep and standby modes, implement support equipment such as Wifi, Bluetooth, SD card, web-camera, sound card, touch screen and a GSM modem.

Title: Google Android OS Live-CD
Version: 0.3 Live-CD
Latest version: 0.3 Live-CD
Architecture: x86
Disc Type: CD
Language: English


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