Friday, November 26, 2010

Nokia Ovi Suite 3

Nokia Ovi Suite Beta | 90.74 Mb

Transfer content between your Nokia device and PC, share photos with friends and keep important files up to date. With Nokia Ovi Suite you can easily access, back up and synchronise the contents of your Nokia device on your computer. Manage contacts, browse photos, share with friends and keep your life in sync, all through Nokia Ovi Suite. Meetings, contacts, tasks and more – Nokia Ovi Suite helps you keep your information synchronised and up-to-date on your computer, on your device and online. Why should you have to keep separate address books and calendars on your computer and your Nokia device? Synchronising with Nokia Ovi Suite helps you keep all your information up-to-date across multiple devices, locations and applications. Nokia Ovi Suite helps you back up your information, too – to your computer or online with Sync on Ovi – so you won’t lose important details if your device is lost or damaged.

What's new in Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0
A new Home view
* Get quick access to your content and to sync
* View recommended apps and games from Ovi Store
* View recommended music from Ovi Music *
* Receive notifications to update your phone software and to back up your phone
* Connect to the internet without a fixed connection or WLAN

Introducing Ovi Music
* Get full control of playback
* Discover and download your favourites from the millions of tracks available on Ovi*
* Drag music to and from your phone
* Have access to your Ovi Music Unlimited account *
* Get all the features you need in Nokia Ovi Suite - no need for a separate player

Other improvements
* Experience the faster and simpler installation
* Delete individual maps from your phone, download maps with greater reliability
* Enjoy improvements to syncing and stability

How you can help:
* Download Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 Beta and install it on your computer.
* Share your feedback about using Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 Beta via Beta Labs feedback channels. See further instructions at the end of page.
* Whenever an update to Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 Beta is released, please install it. During the Beta period, we aim to release new update releases regularly.

Make a difference – give feedback!
Share your experiences, improvement suggestions or new ideas for the development of Nokia Ovi Suite on the Beta Labs discussion forum. You can submit Discussions, Suggestions, Reviews and Bug reports. You can attach screenshots and log files with a detailed error reporting form. Your feedback helps make Nokia Ovi Suite meet your needs even better.
*If you have Ovi Music Unlimited supported phone, you can download with Nokia Ovi Suite all the music what you want. Note, for the time being, you need to activate Ovi Music Unlimited feature with Nokia Ovi Player PC application. We're working to get Ovi Music Unlimited activation into Nokia Ovi Suite.
If you have Ovi Music store credits, you can download music tracks with Nokia Ovi Suite from Ovi Music store. Ovi Music store is available in following countries: UK, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestinian Territory, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Indonesia, China, India , Turkey, Argentina, Chile, France, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Poland


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